Gym to be renovated in Via Badile, let’s not bring our bricks

First away of the season.
We go to Verona in the old gym nasdiate of Via Badile, where the now-disappeared Atletico of the 80s/90s was based, and now the home of Carlo Steeb.
Difficult field, firstly precisely because it is still that of thirty years ago, with the same floor and the same baskets that inevitably show the signs of their old age, and then because Steeb is a tough team, rough, especially at home, where he has already beaten at the before that VRB that we saw great team at the Tournament of Notebooks.
Mainly with this characteristic last year they got that ninth place that is worth the direct salvation, and despite changing some elements, even valuable, remained on the bench that Gianpaolo Zamberlan, former player and captain of the Scaligera of the glorious years, in which he played for a decade, which created Steeb on the ashes of Atletico a consolidated reality, albeit recent.
Roster young and hungry, confirmed the more experienced Briani, Gregorelli, Ruffo, Bazan and Amoako, with the young but already roam in Promo, Torti, Truth, VisonĂ  and Barbi, and inserted by the Trentino Promo (Paganella Lavis), the young and talented Nocini.
On balance, tough opponent and away to face with great charge and concentration, and above all with determination and desire for redemption, to prove to ourselves, before everyone, that we are not here by chance.
Believe! Believe! Believe! To
those who want to come and support us, even on the road, we guarantee our total commitment, and that we will do everything to take away that annoying zero in the standings.

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