For one point Martin lost his head

Three hours of play, two extra time, a point that makes all the difference in the world.

In short, all the dramatic beauty of the sport, the most beautiful in the world, all concentrated in a race, where we saw our hopes of breaking the negative streak of defeats break three times on the damned iron that has repelled the our conclusions at the end of regular times and the first overtime.

The chronicle tells us that those are not the decisive episodes, at least not the only ones, although they remain imprinted in the mind, of course, more than others that occurred during a race in which we have done and unfortunately undone several times.

The two rosters are extensively reworked, we as now chronically, them without Bertoni Lanza and Zanini, perhaps for this coach Sauro proposes an area, around the centerboa De Mori, from the first possession, and our attack responds present, finding good solutions and producing points varying choices and options and undergoing fouls that produce bezel travel.

It is in defence that we do badly, very badly, conceding easy counterattacks by coming back too slow and suffering, but this is part of normality and there is, the size of their longs, and in particular of de Mori.

The fourth closes 24/21, we are there and we believe it.

In the second quarter we record better defense, with continuous module changes, and although we are less fluid and precise in attack we maintain inertia….. NINE MINUTES.

Citing the Briscola Cup Ace, we lost our heads in some important, if not decisive, moments, with hindsight, a sign of a certain desiness to manage with serenity the advantages, what is usually called "fear of winning", and that our coach less prosaically label as "uninhabited heads", when the brain disconnects and abandons us.

It happens when at the end of the second period, until the end of the second period, we play them with intensity, defensive attention and offensive discipline, at 1.01" from the end of the period, they deploy a press zone, we lower the shutter and we close the vein of the brain, and we suffer a partial of 10/0 literally giving away balls, and undergoing a triple from the remittance to a second and a half from the simply inexplicable siren, and that sends the coach on all the furies.

Upon returning from the locker room, with the walls still shaking by the screams of the coach, we find a Cerea more ready to attack our area, and defensively very aggressive with the press area, but we retort blow by blow and despite many errors and inaccuracies we remain in the wake, closing below an acceptable 55/61.

The last quarter starts and we have another flat encephalogram moment, perhaps also because a bit of fatigue emerges, and we finish below fourteen when there are about six minutes to go, a break that in previous matches had coincided with the final collapse. It is not so, we have learned and reacted vehemently, we do not give up an inch, we are not beautiful, we are not perfect, but we believe and we go to take back the game in the way we are made, with courage, determination, passion, as we like to do it.

The game is back in our hands, we are one to 2.5" from the end, we play a game, we take home the maximum, a trip in the bezel, technically it is won, it lacks the last piece, score the two frees, and here comes into play fate, that damn iron that rescinds The ball on the first shot after two rebounds, could also mean missing the second and losing.

Enter. 75/75. Overtime.

We are tired, overwhelmed with fouls, with few alternatives and options, and also the possibility of a free offer from the opposing bench at the end of regulation (by the way we will study what the regulation says about such an event), we are wrong, another example of the episodes also internal to the race itself, which we will eventually discover weigh as much as everyone else, and that we will treasure in the future.

Supplement that is played point to point, with offensive and defensive errors on both sides, and again fate offers us and takes away, twice, the opportunity to win it, spitting, the damn iron, two shots all in all good and well taken.

84/84. Second overtime.

This time we can't be effective defensively, you want for the exits, you want for tiredness. Cerea runs away with a couple of hoops and fouls, and a triple, to which we respond just by stitching up a little, without giving up.

93/97. Over.

As in Briscola, you can have the Ace of Cups, but sometimes fate matters more, and puts on the table swords to trump, let's remember especially today, because luck turns and sooner or later returns, as long as you continue to play, to learn, and to believe in it , because the real difference is that basketball is not a gamble!

Three hours of vibrant competition, maybe three hours of reading the commentary (not so vibrant), but those who were there were certainly excited and amused, on our part we did the best and thank you who supported us and shared with us this unfortunate challenge , the reader will not miss the next one.

We ARE AND WE believe!!!




Date Time League Season
15/11/2019 21:15 Promozione 2019-2020


Palamela Belfiore
Via degli Alpini, Belfiore, Verona, Veneto, 37042, Italia


Belfiore Basket2455758493Loss
Pallacanestro Cerea2161758497Win

Belfiore Basket

11Enrico ManfronAla piccola000000000000000
18Tommaso MurariPlay-Guardia000000000000000
4Tommaso CampolongoPlay-Guardia1331111121003001320
5Umberto GrigattiGuardia351103600041300
6Riccardo BastoniGuardia813213110440201
7Matteo CampolongoGuardia16230033406110346
21Tommaso CavazzaPlay-Guardia221032200120102
10Cristian FranchettoGuardia10524151514100124
13Mattia PoloPlaymaker656203420170149
14Nicolo’ FranceschettiGuardia000000000000000
15Fabio BolcatoAla forte1335024400341147
21Michael BuratoCentro245555341081402810
 Total 9531371513272714127592143559

Pallacanestro Cerea



Ajmi Amor
Paolo Rizzoli

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